What OTHER magicians

dare not tell you!



It’s TRUE, there are things some other wedding magicians DON’T want you to find out!



Let’s start with the Number 1 LIE:  You should only book a magician who’s in the MAGIC CIRCLE.


GET REAL!!! The only people who say this are members to try and make you book them. The Magic Circle is just a magic club in London. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less.


“But” I hear you cry, “You have to be really good at magic to be a member.”

No you don't. They have members who are not performers but collectors and fascinated with the history of magic. Every magic society in the land says you must be good to join them, after all, would you want to brag about being in a club which didn’t?



LIE Number 2: If a magician charges less than £300-£350 p/h, he's not a professional and will do a bad job.


This ploy is to justify their out ragoues fees.  Don't believe me? Go on the wedding chat rooms and ask if anyone's booked a magician and for how much?


I once saw a bride who called a magician and he quoted her £325 for the hour. She said she was just pricing up and asked what he did. He asked when it was and because it was at a “quiet time” he dropped the fee to £275.

The lady still didn’t show signs of booking so he asked where the wedding was. As it was local he dropped the fee again, now just £225.


Please note: she had not asked for any discounts, he just gave them. Finally, she said she’d need to talk it over with the groom and the magician came back with, “Book me with in the next 48 hour and I’ll do it for £175 all in.”

The next day, she booked him.


Also, please remember, if some good but young upcoming magician wants to get into the wedding field, he knows he can’t ask £300, no one would book him. So he’ll work cheap to get the experience, get some references and get known.


Most magicians will give a discount but ONLY if it suits them. (Example, I give a discount if you pay in full in advance, it saves waiting around after the gig trying to get paid, very embarrassing if they forgot to bring the money with them.)



LIE Number 3: They are the Wedding Expert.


Are they? Get a clue, look at their left hand, if it’s not got a wedding band on it, they know nothing! How can they be an “Expert” when they’ve never had one? They have no idea of the turmoil you are going through.


It would be like asking someone with a remote control toy car to fix a Bugatti!


There are things they don’t lie about, they just don’t tell you.



I was working a wedding when a lady told me this true story:


“She was at another wedding 2 weeks before. It was a very expensive do with the Groom, Best Man and both Fathers all in Top Hats and Morning Suits. The Bride looked stunning with a long flowing train and beautiful vail. All the Bridesmaids wore burgundy to match the flowers, and as for the guest, the men were in suits and nearly all the women had hats. Even the children had bow ties!


This was a very posh do indeed when suddenly in walked a gate crasher, the man’s arms were covered in tattoos, he was dressed in jeans, tee shirt, jacket and a hat! No one knew what to do, should they call the Police, it was very awkward for everyone and very embarrassing. All turns out HE WAS THE MAGICIAN!”


She told me, “We didn’t know if he was going to ask us to pick a card or if he could tarmac our drive ways!”


Most magicians will dress appropriately but maybe you should check.


Something else they try to keep from you,

"The 9.30 cut off”



You see, at almost every Wedding the DJ dims the lights and turns up the volume after the evening buffet. This tends to be around 9.30 pm.


When this happen, the magician needs to move into another area, like the bar lounge, because if he stays in the main room, no one can hear him and no one can see what he’s doing. If there’s not another room for him to work, you’re just wasting your money.


So why don’t they tell you this? If there’s not another room you would only book the magician up to 9.30 pm and that would mean less money for them.


One last thing you'll never see on any magicians website,

“Not a member of Equity”


You know how you’re lead to believe the Magic Circle is vital, well as we’ve already shown, it’s just a club. Equity on the other hand IS to be taken as proof.


To be a member you must show contracts of employment as an entertainer/actor etc. so only people who are genuine can get in. Also, members get Public Liability Insurance (P.L.I) cover for up to £10 million.


In Conclusion


Given a choice between someone who is in the Magic Circle and someone who’s in Equity, remember the P.L.I and go for Equity EVERY TIME!


Only book them if YOU are happy with the fee and if they offer to work till 1.00 am, remember the 9.30 cut off.

Take a look at their website, how are they dressed? Do they look like a professional entertainer who will fit in?

Do they have a lot of experience?  Look for testimonials do they really know your needs.

Finally, if they “Ring True” it will show on their left hand.