“The guests found the entertainment fun and highly enjoyable, your a very stylish and upbeat professional, excellent Value for money and I'd certainly recommend you to others."

Beverley Fletcher, Suffolk.

Hello, I'm Cliff Cowling.

When only 12 years old, I was given a magic set for Christmas and 2 years later my 1st ever public performance was given in a little church hall in Oldham.

Since then I've had the joy of performing in Austria, Switzerland, America and all over the UK developing my ability as an Entertainer so I may bring even more  fun, enjoyment and amazement to your guests with Close Up Magic.

Note the lady  who walks into shot in the back ground. Can you hear what she says?  

Unscripted and unsolicited,  just genuine feedback from a guest who didn't know she was being filmed.

For almost 40 years guests at Restaurants, Weddings, Dinners, Birthdays and many other kinds of functions, have enjoyed a level of magical live interaction with an entertainer which only I can bring to an event. 

You can turn on a TV and watch magic and wonder, "Is this a camera trick? Is it edited? Are they all stooges?" When the magic happens in your own hands, ALL these questions disappear and you and your guests are left with just one......"What the...how did he do THAT!!!!"

It's not just the public, but magicians too who say this. As a result of years of study and hard work, many awards have been bestowed upon me and I've often been asked to lecture at Magic Societies.

Over the last few years I've eased off from lecturing and from performing at Dinners, Restaurants and Corporate Functions, to concentrate just on Weddings as "Charlie Brush - Magical Chimney Sweep".

Charlie works mostly during the day at weekends, this gave me more time to spend helping to raise my young family.

Now they are older...I'm back!

“Thank you for a brilliant surprise, everyone said how they loved it. We would not hesitate to recommend you as you made our day that extra special.”

Julie & Steve Barber, Stockport.