"The evening was brilliant.  The guests were talking about you all night and  were in awe with your magic.  All in all I couldn't have chosen a better performer and I will certainly recommend you.”


Christine Barker, Burnley.

Making You Look Good And Your Function Unforgettable

Over the past few years magic has come to the front of popular entertainment and having a magician  at  your  function is now vital element to ensure the guests have a great time.                                                                         


Cliff Cowling is one of the  leading entertainers in this field with over 40 years of experience to draw upon  and has the ability to create an impact which will live on long after the night is over.  

You really were a truly magical addition to our day.  Everyone commented how lovely and professional you were.”


John & Cheryl Thorne, Chesterfield.

So How Can Cliff Cowling Make The Event Better?

Be it a family get together in your home, a formal event like a Golf Club Dinner, a Corporate Function were everyone is counting on you to arrange the best night ever, Cliff Cowling is the answer. 
At the family gathering, he blends in like an old friend becoming one of the group and entertains without stealing the lime light.
At the formal functions he meets and greets the guests helping to break the ice. It's the perfect way to get people mixing as they share a smile, a laugh and soon a new friendship is born.
During a meal whilst the guests are waiting to be served, what could be better than a little table side entertainment to help pass a few minutes?
After the meal, believe it or not, an awful lot of people don't want to be stuck in a dark room unable to hear themselves think. So why not let them retire to the bar or lounge and give them the V.I.P. treatment with magical entertainment especially for them. What a wonderful way to end the evening.

I would tell anyone to book you straight away and not to hesitate. Your service and professionalism was first class, hassle free and good fun. Thank you very much.”


Cath Cartwright, Liverpool.